Lip Flips

Lip flips, also known as a Gummy Smile Corrector, are conducted by injecting neurotoxins into the areas above and below the lips. When injecting a very controlled amount of Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport into these areas, the muscle around the lips is temporarily paralyzed, preventing the lips from turning inwards while talking, smiling, or making any other facial movements.

Often times clients are not comfortable with the amount of gums which show when they smile. With the help of neurotoxins preventing the lips from turning inwards, more of the gums are covered by our lips while smiling.

It is important to note that injecting neurotoxins around the lips does not create fuller lips. To obtain fuller lips, we recommend cosmetic dermal fillers. However, with the muscles around the mouth being disabled, often clients feel as if their lips appear slightly larger because they are not turning inwards.

Furthermore, neurotoxins are metabolized much more quickly than filler. A client receiving this treatment can expect results to last about 2-4 months due to how often we use the muscles in and around our mouth.

Please see ours Neurotoxins page for details about the medicines.