Areola Restoration

Areola Restoration

The creation of 3D-looking areolas and nipples is a form of tattooing on a breast. We work with our clients to determine which color, shape, and size best suites them. We add details to the areola and nipple area that makes the tattoo appear to pop off of the surface of the skin.

Often, this is the last step in a reconstructive surgery. If you have recently had surgery, we ask you to wait at least 4 months post-op to undergo this procedure. If still in the midst of treatment, we ask you to provide us with a doctors note approving you for this procedure. The last thing we want to do is interfere with any health treatments.

If a client still has one real areola and nipple, we will do our best to replicate it on the other side. 

If someone has their real areolas and nipples and has not had reconstructive surgery, but is simply looking to create a more visible areola, we can add color to the desired area as well.

Typically clients that have underwent reconstructive surgery are numb on their breasts. We still will apply numbing cream to ensure our clients are comfortable.

All clients have a unique story. Some clients come to us with more battle wounds and scars than others. Sometimes touch ups are needed, especially in dense scar areas.

Most clients that opt for this procedure have been through a mental and physical battle. We hope to help bring some normalcy back to your life.